Ten Tenets

Leading the way to a new digital frontier

We are amidst the digital revolution. How we use technology today is not how we will use it tomorrow. We know this, and so do customers.

Being at the forefront of the digital revolution, we know innovation, transformation and change are not easy. Change means challenging ourselves to move on from the comfort of what we already know and how we already do things. But change is coming. And we’re excited about it.

VERSA will be there to help you on your journey towards this new frontier in digital design and technology. To prepare you for what we believe the future holds for digital, we have put together our ‘10 tenets or beliefs’.  Our future starts now.  Are you ready? 

A paradigm shift: Digital goes next-level as voice, conversational AI and platform development merge

Technology has reached a point that requires a paradigm shift in our approach to digital design. Voice, Conversational AI and platform development will come together in new ways to take digital, and what digital platforms are capable of, to the next level.

Learn more about the paradigm shift.

Access all areas: Voice makes accessibility and multiple language capabilities easier, everywhere

Too many departments and organisations still only deliver in one language – English, and in one main form – written. What happens to that message if you don’t understand English? If you can’t read? 

Learn more about the future of voice. 

In their own words: Digital users navigate simply by asking for what they want. 

Agencies and brands have spent years focused on user-centred design and still wonder why people aren’t finding what they need on their website. The answer is search navigation. 

Learn what the future holds for website navigation.

Hello customer service automation, goodbye IVR

We’ve all been there. Press 1 for this, 2 for that. You get to option five and forget what the first four were. Even worse – what to press when what you’re calling about doesn’t fit any of the options? Not a great start to a customer experience. 

Learn what the future holds for IVR.

Drive time: Car becomes productivity powerhouse via voice capability

The car has traditionally been a one-way marketing opportunity - a place of listening, to radio or podcasts. The new ability to have a two-way conversation with consumers in the car will create an interactive advertising opportunity the likes of which we haven’t seen before. 

Learn how brands will look to find their voice.

A new face for your brand: Digital humans build empathy at scale

We’re getting real with digital humans as they help brands build empathy at scale where humans can't. 

The powerful combination of incredible renderings and skilled conversational design delivers an engaging brand experience by putting a face to an otherwise faceless brand on a website or platform.  

Learn how digital humans can bring a new face to your brand.

Augmentation over automation: AI does what we don’t want to do; augments what we do

When you are speaking to a digital human, it’s like talking to the smartest person in the room. Humans just can’t match a machine’s ability to draw on a massive knowledge centre – from every conversation, purchase, interaction and more.

Learn how AI will augment the mundane.

No more digital hide and seek: Customers expect brands to come to them

Digital consumers are not interested in wasting time to seek you out. They expect brands to come to them – not the other way around. And we’re not just talking websites. Consumers want omnichannel experiences – and for you to find them.  

Learn how to have the same conversations across many platforms.

Work less, achieve more: Good for people, good for business

Sometimes less is more. Employees will demand a different way of working as mental health and work/life balance surpasses everything else.  The work less, achieve more approach is a triple win – it’s good for business, good for people and good for society. 

Learn how workforce automation will be the key to staff happiness. 

A new intensive care unit for health: AI and voice transform patient management

Globally we are facing a critical care crisis. Not in the provision of medical care – but in the systems surrounding it: 96% of patient health care complaints are about customer service and admin. 

Learn how the AI and voice will transform patient care and experiences.