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Conversational Marketing: Creating Authentic Business Relationships

Establishing trust is a significant part of building authentic relationships with customers. The word “authentic” has always felt a little vague to me. So after some deep consideration, I’ve come to the conclusion that it really boils down to being reliable, understanding customer needs and adapting to change.

Implementing a conversational strategy can support you on this journey. Below are some of the key ways a conversational strategy can help you build authentic business relationships.

1. Instant Two-way communication

Traditionally, a customer can only start a conversation by filling out a form, sending you an email or speaking to your customer service representative. They would then normally need to wait for your reply. This one-sided communication can be frustrating and time consuming for today’s impatient customers. 

Implementing a conversational strategy with the use of chatbots or direct messaging provides you with instant two way dialogue with your customers.  By engaging in a two-way conversation, you can bring a more human element to the way you do business. Offering support, advice and assistance in an instant human-like manner.

2. Personalisation at scale

One of the biggest advantages of conversational AI is the ability to offer personalised experiences and solutions for your customers.

Taking a conversational strategy allows you to move from a one-size-fits-all approach to a personalised journey for your customers. By capturing historical transactions and communication with customers, you can recommend next steps or solutions that fit their unique needs. 

3. Data Insights to improve CX

Conversational marketing brings a human touch to the customer experience. Capturing data from everyday conversations allows you to understand what your customers are looking for and refine your products and solutions to suit their needs. 

This not only improves the sales process but can also make you more trustworthy and honest in the eyes of your customer. Insights into your customers allow you to predict and quickly resolve issues or challenges whilst helping you to get to know your customers better. 

4. Continuous Improvement 

When using conversational marketing, each conversation should help you improve your service or offer better alternatives.

When customers are offered suitable recommendations, they are more likely to feel appreciated and understood, more likely to keep coming back and even more likely to recommend you to family and friends. This strengthens the possibility to build long-term authentic business-customer relationships.

At VERSA, we are always evolving and looking for new ways for our customers to build authentic relationships through the power of conversation.