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How Conversational AI Generates Data Insights

According to a study by Accenture, 91% of consumers will continue to shop with businesses that genuinely understand their needs, preferences, and demands. Using data generated from one AI-powered central source, contact centres can better understand their customers’ preferences, purchase habits, and even forecast future consumption trends. 

Knowing your own customers

Conversational AI is highly pivotal when used to collect demographic data that can ultimately lead to a greater increase in sales and lead generation, and allows you to communicate with your customers in a personalised manner. 

Companies today are seeking ways to offer proactive support, the ability to identify customer’s problems before they get the chance to register their concern. The meta-level data of CAI has the ability to detect any forthcoming issues, which is especially crucial in today’s competitive environment. CAI has the ability to resolve issues by offering predetermined solutions, and if the problem is too complex, the technology will rotate to a live agent for human assistance.

CAI has the superpower to cross-reference large volumes of customer data. This includes names, contact details, historical preferences, locations, transactions, past interactions, and transcripts of calls and chat sessions, and sources of referral. CAI can easily compare the similarities and differences in what customers say at a given moment to what they have said in previous interactions. A task that may take an agent several hours to complete, can be done in a matter of seconds.

Knowing how people feel about your business

In recent years a new form of CAI has been developed to measure and analyse customers’ sentiment towards businesses. By evaluating language, tone and voice inflections, CAI can gain new volume of information on the customer’s attitudes, opinions, and emotions towards certain products, services and policies. Businesses are able to understand their customers in a more objective and sentimental manner. Beside insights on customers’ preferences, companies can also understand where they fall short, and make improvements where needed.

Are you ready to stop talking and start listening to your customers? Gain the insights you need to build better relationships today, for tomorrow.