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Key considerations when implementing a chatbot for your business

You are probably thinking about implementing a customer service chatbot for your company, but with so many chatbots services and agencies building chatbots, it’s hard to know what to look for.

Successfully implementing a chatbot for your business requires a strategic approach that should have these two key considerations at its core. 

Think beyond just answers

If you implement a chatbot that is too basic, you won’t save your customers any time and effort and therefore may lose possible sales rather than gaining new ones. You need to see a chatbot as a tool to generate new sales leads and, in some cases, new revenue through up-sells and automated payments. You should think of the complete flow of actions that a customer might need while interacting with a customer service/sales representative and consider how your customer can achieve this flow while using your chatbot. 

A few actions that you should consider are:

  1. Change and update contact information
  2. Schedule appointments
  3. Update and upgrade account services and products


No matter how clever your chatbot is, there is always going to be scenarios when human intervention is required. Think of it as teamwork - the goal is to support one another to create the best customer experience. The flow should be transferred from chatbot to a live agent and from live agent to chatbot in a seamless way without impacting the quality of the experience. Also, keep in mind that the moment a customer asks to speak with a live agent, the bot should be able to retrieve and connect them in a seamless way.