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Leveraging data to deliver hyper-personalisation experiences

The modern customer is complex

They come from different backgrounds, have different enquiries and desires yet they are grounded in their use of language.

We all use language.

Conversational AI stores, processes, and understands big data to improve user journey and experiences. This real-time data delivers insights into different users, allowing businesses to tailor personal crafted dialogue with consumers.

64% of businesses found that chatbots will allow them to deliver a more personalised customer support experience. Personalised experiences can be anything from the curation of content, product recommendations to resolution and problem-solving. 

These are all benefits that can be experienced through conversational AI, messages and offers can be tailored and tuned towards an individual. Always placing the customer as the number one priority, confirming that they are valued and looked after. 

Customers become frustrated when they need to repeat themselves, they wish for agents, virtual or not, to have quick access to their previous history and it is understood and accounted for during the conversation.

The customer is priority

Customers can and will converse with businesses through different channels. However, they also want these channels to work conjunctively. Consumers need the customer service channel to understand previous encounters and the information shared, to support any new conversations.

This level of personalisation in conversational AI elevates itself from basic chatbots; these are systems that understand your needs before you’ve contacted them. This real-time awareness in CAI can translate into upselling and cross-selling opportunities.

One of the fundamental demands consistent throughout all research is the ability to engage in geo-targeted marketing. Uberall found that 55% of consumers are likely to try a chatbot that offers location-based deals. Conversational AI can unlock a range of immediate, geographically targeted promotions and location-specific information. 

“An end-user’s location makes the interaction more tailored and personalised- making the experience more relevant while delivering concrete value for local shoppers”.

Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Uberall, Florian Huebner

Customers can find personalisation in many different forms. Consumers expect businesses to understand preferred contact methods, basic account history, and location details in its most basic form. 

On a more advanced scale, customers are also looking for recommendations based on previous purchase history and priority communication based on account type. Customisation can even come in the form of unique rebates, discounts, and codes encouraging to retain customers and improve customer acquisition.

When real customer service agents recall information, statistics and customer details, we call that ‘going above and beyond’. When conversational AI recalls information, stores it and employs it in a targeted manner, we call that ‘normal’.

Where other benchmarks end, conversational AI begins.

The future of personalisation in Conversational AI

Humans are not homogenous in their dialect and everyday language. Conversational AI allows us to tailor our language to ensure the customer has an accessible and familiar conversation. 

To have your language understood is a simple yet powerful facet that can transform one's experience with a business. That is not to say all Australian conversational AI will exclusively begin conversations with "g'day mate"; instead, it can account for slang, dialect, and different vernacular. 

In an age of emerging cultures and shifting borders, consumers want to be understood.

Conversational AI is not confined to language. A conversational strategy can be designed to account for different personas who visit sites. There are endless ways to deploy a conversational strategy to mould into different circumstances.

As an era of generic, rigid communication comes to an end, conversational AI poses a unique ability to engage in hyper-personalised conversations to boost customer engagement and satisfaction.