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Personalised conversations

Supporting sales and conversions in conversations.

In 2020, two-way marketing is being utilised more and more to create a conversation rather than a singular impression. Businesses are now creating automated and personalised conversations with customers through Conversational AI and design, designing chatbots or voice assistants which can convert sales, or provide service.

Automatic replies through customer service chatbots or the ability to purchase seamlessly through social messenger and even a smart speaker is becoming an industry standard. Customers landing on your Facebook, Instagram or website expect to easily and quickly find more information about your products, ask questions and receive guidance. As customers, online browsing is at an all time high in the top 10th percentile of online browsing behaviors (Federal Trade Commission).

At VERSA, we work extensively with Conversational AI, the technology that underpins the technology we use in chatbots, smart speakers and IVR systems. But we don’t focus on the tech alone, we’re human-centered, and we create better conversations which enable customers to ask for what they need. 

In providing conversational solutions across industries, we’ve seen enormous growth recently in the implementation of chat and voice solutions within our client’s marketing and online shopping experiences. 

According to research, 82% of buyers demand an instant answer to their questions, allowing businesses a response rate of fewer than 10 minutes.

Product recommendation, customer FAQs and even in-chat payment helps us support new and existing customers through the marketing funnel, usually with this occurring through end-to-end conversational design.

The top-level benefits we’ve seen by using conversational AI to support conversions:

  • Collecting more accurate data about your audience.
  • Building stronger relationships and brand loyalty due to personalisation.
  • Selling quicker and converting more sales (shorter sales cycle).
  • Improving customer satisfaction
  • Generating leads and sales through new channels.
  • Providing 24/7 support with automation.

Conversational AI at the start of your marketing funnel

In modern marketing awareness strategies, it is essential to consider the conversational filter right at the beginning in order to personalise and segment your audience.

By directing your customers to Conversational AI at the start of your marketing funnel, you can learn, respond and segment customers through one simple conversational flow. 

Improve conversion and retargeting at the start

Social media is the frontier for cost-effective, targeted personalisation, and now marketers are taking it a step further by using conversational channels to intercept customers with personalised messaging via text, social messenger and voice. 

A personalised hello helps start the relationship with your customer, both internally and externally. Within social chatbots, or logged in experiences, your bot can be taught to provide certain recommendations based on the user’s previous browsing or buying behavior. 

It is common for users to browse a website and then close the tab or move on to something else. This gives you only a few seconds to grab the attention of your visitors and turn them into loyal customers. But how do you best use this time to your advantage?

By positioning your chatbot on different pages at the right locations, and encouraging visitors to share their personal details for special deals, you can not only engage with your visitors with personalised suggestions and offers while they are viewing items on your site but also keep the conversation going after they have left.

For example, if a user (Jason) is looking for a pair of Nike Air Max on your website, the bot could encourage Jason to register his email to unlock the special offers and ask relevant questions to learn more about their preferences while they are browsing, such as his shoe size (US 11), favourite colour (Red) and type of shoe (Nike Air Max).

These are just some of the conversational channels you can use for marketing or customer service.

As opposed to having different solutions or in-person services on various messenger apps, you can consolidate your communication channels through conversational AI. Offering the same automated and personalised communication services across all of the channels you choose to let your customers contact you on.

For example sending Jason a message via Facebook messenger the day after visiting the online store.  ‘Hey Jason, I’ve noticed that you’ve been super keen on the Nike Air Max range. The latest Air VaporMax in red has just landed, and we have plenty in size 11 US! Would you like to place an order and take advantage of free delivery this week? 

You can design your conversational channels so that customer data is sent to your own back-end solutions. CAI is much like a filter you add to the beginning of an experience, where the information goes from that conversation is entirely up to you. 

With conversions as low as 4%, most sales based companies have nothing to lose when it comes to adding conversational AI into their conversion strategies. With the power of CAI businesses can often see up to 30% higher conversion rates when engaging prospects or leads.

At VERSA we encourage businesses, established and emerging, to take advantage of conversation, future proofing their products and processes through automation, chatbots and better customer service solutions.