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Preparing Your Team and Organisation for a Requirements Gathering and Blueprinting Sessions

Flawless teamwork is based on strong organisational and communication skills. At VERSA, we want to achieve optimal results for our projects and in order to do so, we generate a requirements gathering session. This involves the project team coming together to fully understand the needs and motivations of the project. 

The Ultimate Goal for Requirements Gathering

At VERSA, we keep things simple and straightforward to help the team retain copious amounts of information. The goal for the ‘Requirements Gathering’ session is to discover both the business and project’s needs and to also understand the budget and timeline for the project.

These sessions help to understand: 

  • Background of the project and how we came about it
  • The needs and challenges of the business/ organisation
  • Who the target consumer is and what their needs are
  • What supporting data or information already exists or what information needs to be collected. 
  • The creative direction- what type of creative direction we are looking for and what brand guidelines we need to adhere to (if any).

The Art of Blueprinting 

A productive method that we use in order to help get into the ‘nitty gritty’ of the project is blueprinting. We begin with analysing the research conducted for this project, in order to fully comprehend what your business and consumers need and how we can meet these needs. Our user experience expert will develop certain prototypes which can be used for user testing purposes, allowing us to interpret if our product meets your user’s requirements. We then use these results for developing initial concepts. 

A Roadmap to the Future

Following this process, we will set up a roadmapping session. This is where we will use colour coded cards to assemble an idea of how functional the project is. 

Ultimately, the objective of a roadmapping session is to identify and remove any risks of the project where possible. Once the roadmapping session has concluded, we conduct a line exercise. This is where we take the opportunity to plan for the different phases of the project, ensuring that it fits within our budget.  

At VERSA, we put an enormous amount of work into our requirements gathering, blueprinting and roadmapping sessions in order to maintain positive outcomes for our projects. It is important that all of our team members have a thorough understanding of the project’s needs. 

Here are some tips we like to keep in mind when running these sessions:

  • Keep the meetings concise. 
  • Form a positive and productive group. 
  • Have realistic goals and strive to achieve them. 

We look forward to working with you on your next project.  Reach out to your account manager if you have any questions.