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The C-Word: A Change In Marketing

Generating leads with conversational marketing.

Advertising is odd when you think about it... buying attention, with pictures, words and money for the time slots or metreages to display our one-way messages. 

But, something is changing in marketing. It’s less about the message and more about what the customer wants to say. At VERSA we take a customer-first approach to communication, being able to provide instant communication and provide deeper customer engagement, growing existing relationships. This relationship building strategy is conversational marketing.

A lot of the technology we use to market can speak directly to customers, channels like social media, phone, email can now host AI-powered conversations.

These are just some of the conversational channels you can use for marketing or customer service.

Conversations for customers

We take a personalised approach to customer service, moving buyers through marketing and sales funnels online or over-the-phone using the power of one at a time questions, creating automated conversations with your customers across your business communication channels.

As retailers move their business online, conversational technology is empowering marketers to deliver a digital human experience that we thought could only exist in face-to-face engagements.

Conversational marketing creates the opportunity to leverage the traffic you already have, easing bounce rates and heightening customer engagement.

Consumers are ready to do business by conversation, with 79% of surveyed consumers were willing to use messaging apps to get customer service. With rapid uptake, we see rapid results.

Service or sales-based conversations

Most eCommerce websites aren’t voice-enabled, and less than 10% of brands have explored emerging channels like voice and search messenger. 

An online store without contact is like an empty store with a bell to make an enquiry.
Yes, websites are great, forms and digital marketing is essential, but it shouldn’t be the end of your customer service. Traditional digital marketing doesn't work alone — average conversions within eCommerce landing pages are as low as 2% today. 

To ensure visitors become customers, eCommerce experiences and service-driven businesses are adding a conversational filter right at the beginning of their marketing funnel. 

The benefit for businesses is an improved chance for conversions, but more importantly, we strive to provide better customer satisfaction. Designing your conversation around your customer is the first step, so we need to start with asking what they’d like from us.

Start your conversation

Within marketing, the opportunity to create sales through voice or conversational channels is still a new one. Emerging channels and new technologies are being released every day, changing what is possible with both sales and service in conversation. Managing your sales and service in conversations requires the right channels and the best technology and design to support your customers end-to-end.