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The Obvious Solution to 24/7 Customer Support

In the current digital-first world, conversational AI is quickly redefining the customer service landscape. From automated messages to voice search, Conversational AI allows organisations to better support their customers’ needs across numerous touchpoints along their user journey.

The recent 2020 pandemic placed huge pressure on contact centres, as service agents struggled with the influx of customer enquiries, many of whom were left unanswered indefinitely. AI-powered chatbots have quickly become the norm allowing organisations to do what was once impossible: help customers 24/7, automatically answer questions without any human intervention, and provide support to multiple customers simultaneously. 

Even the most conventional form of conversational AI, i.e. chatbots, can drastically reduce waiting times by assisting customers with less complex problems using Natural Language Processing (NLP), or rotating live agents to assist customers. As a 24/7 agent, CAI bots can handle customer enquiries according to office hours. Whilst assisting live agents during the usual 9-5, they can also be of use during out-of-office hours, or indicate when the agents will be available as soon as possible. This is especially helpful during peak hours, as it ensures customers are answered immediately, and agents have more time to craft detailed and personalised solutions, without having to constantly monitor conversations.

Using conversational AI, IBM saw a 40% rise in traffic to Watson Assistant from February to April of 2020. Especially during this era of uncertainty, establishing a reliable source of intelligent databases will eliminate handoffs, hold times, and unnatural interactions with service agents, all of which can cause the contact centre to lose a potential or loyal customer.

Elevating Your 24/7 Digital Agent

Regardless of human or machine-based interaction, the user experience is more likely to be enhanced if we make the navigation process as quick, easy, and convenient as possible for customers. We’re living in a highly on-demand world, where consumers can easily move on to other businesses with better designs and interface. 

Conversational AI doesn’t pertain to just chatbots. Chatbots are AI, but that’s not all AI can be, and do. Contact centres can deploy voice chats, intelligent self-help systems, push notifications, all of which can be programmed and designed according to how detailed, interactive and strategic they want the conversations with customers to be. This is especially important if the contact centres wish to support customers 24/7.

Deploying many forms of conversational AI helps customers to get quick answers in an emergency, resolve simple or technical issues, and get detailed explanations.