Articles/VERSA appointed conversational AI agency for State Trustees and Wilson Parking

VERSA appointed conversational AI agency for State Trustees and Wilson Parking

World-leading conversational agency VERSA has successfully delivered pilot customer service projects for new clients State Trustees and Wilson Parking Australia after being appointed conversational AI agency by both companies.

Following completion of a project for State Trustees Personal Finance administration team, the agency has now embarked on a pilot for Trustee Services customers. After finishing an initial automation project for Wilson Parking’s IVR system, VERSA is now managing delivery of subsequent IVR updates.

Both completed projects, which began with discovery workshops to identify areas for improvement, have led to improved operational efficiencies, customer satisfaction and employee productivity.

State Trustees Executive General Manager, Trustee Services Michael Spiegel said: “One of the reasons we were attracted to VERSA was their test and learn approach, which is aligned to everything we do at State Trustees – ensuring we collect the data needed to make informed decisions before moving forward and rolling out a project. The discovery process has given us the ability to analyse detailed customer insights, expose opportunities for optimisation and the best approach for customers and staff. We have already seen some quick wins for our team.” 

National Manager Customer Experience at Wilson Parking Dale Smith added: “We are excited about the improvements conversational AI and augmentation can deliver to our contact centre. We look forward to working with VERSA further to bring the benefits of a blended approach using both automation and our human resources to our customers and our customer service teams.”

VERSA CEO Kath Blackham said: “We’re thrilled to be working with State Trustees and Wilson Parking on projects that will build and support customer service and customer service teams by using technology to augment and help humans be happier and more productive in the workplace. It is a really exciting time for VERSA and the wider industry with an increased uptake in conversational AI technology in a range of sectors.”