City of Port Phillip

City of Port Phillip

Creative, Design and Data

A 10 year contract supporting the development of the City’s future core web framework, a custom pattern library supporting 14 different high-volume sites, designed to scale and build through one simple CMS.

Strategy & Research

In 2019 Port Phillip Council’s digital heart was in need of a major upgrade. 53% of customers reported that they were unable to find what they were searching for, or that they required further information following their visit to the website. 

At the same time, legacy systems and platforms were impacting efficiency, meaning Council's digital ecosystem required much more than a new lick of paint.

Technology & Development

After extensive user research and customer engagement process’ we began a thorough audit of the existing digital ecosystem to define the future technology stack.

In updating City of Port Phillips online services to new systems we found opportunities for more-efficient customer service. City of Port Phillip uses a style library supported through a headless CMS framework to allow for speed and scalability.

UX & Design

The development of City of Port Phillip’s future core web framework is underway, with a custom pattern library created using atomic design principles. This, combined with the use of Umbraco CMS, will allow Council to easily manage and update their suite of websites within one centralised platform.

The MVP solution launched in March 2020 with the release of three pilot sites for St Kilda Film Festival, St Kilda Festival and Live & Local festival.


  • 10Year

    Contract for a digital-first customer service model

  • 14Websites

    Consolidated in one customer centric platform

  • 1Simple CMS Solution

    VERSA’s approach created flexibility