Strategy, Design, Technology

Finding the perfect wave to get lost in has long been the past time of Aussie surfers. VERSA teamed up with CoastalWatch to create a voice experience that helps Australians connect to the best beaches and gnarliest swell. Shaka brah.

  • RoleStrategy, Design, Technology
  • Challenge Finding gnarly waves is impossible via voice
  • SolutionTeach Alexa how to read the waves and find the best surf for surfers

Creative & Strategy

Working closely with CoastalWatch as subject matter experts, meant VERSA’s conversational strategy was informed by the experts. 

We look at key principles in the surfer's decision-making process, looking at environmental factors like wind, direction, and swell. 

Once we had the conversational logic that would drive the experience we could begin designing it. Yew! 

Design & Innovation

During conversational design, we wanted to streamline the build while making it as flexible as possible for users. 

Features we included; a surfer can save their favourite surf spots for the conversation to remember to pick up on next time. Users can get long-form information over the next three days to plan a surf trip, or just find out today's surf conditions to see if it’s worth heading down after work. 

Just like the lifestyle of a surfer the experience needs to fit with freedom and time off.

Technology & Development

The experience pulls live data from a range of CoastalWatch’s API’s. Including information on the swell, wind, conditions, weather warnings and much more. 

Through multimodal screens, there’s the potential to expand this data to live streams from specific beaches. 


  • 50,000 kilometres of coastline

    Covered by the skill

  • 1 month

    To design, develop and release

  • Exclusive feature

    in the Amazon echo spot release