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A simpler way to find better waves

CoastalWatch multimodal skill brings a more comprehensive update to their customers delivered through the newly-launched Echo Spot. The new extension of the skill allows surfers to get real-time visual updates about tides conditions, surf updates and forecasts for 103 popular locations across Australia

Since its inception in 1998, CoastalWatch has been committed to bringing the coast to their customers. From quick real-time update to a detailed three-day forecasts, they’re the go-to place of every surfers and beach goers looking to tackle the waves. With the release of Echo Spot device, CoastalWatch is looking to design and build a voice experience that allows their users to engage with their content, bringing in branding and identity elements to support a successful voice experience.

How can we make it easier for our surf customers to plan their day and get their updates?


In designing the skill for CoastalWatch, the VERSA team focussed on bringing a new level of convenience and service to users that can be delivered through the compact touchscreen on Echo Spot.

Working with the VX team, VERSA’s GUI Designer worked to design a series of imageries that visualises the information returned from the Skill. On the screen, users have a graphical view of tie-in and tide-out, wind direction, and more.

Created by a passionate team of surfers for surfers, the CoastalWatch Alexa Skills for Echo Spot returns real-time collation of data from 103 locations across Australia and serve users updates of their favourite beach or nearest location.

Alexa Skills Country Manager, Kate Burleigh, said

Amazon is excited to see the innovative skills developers and agencies like VERSA have brought to Alexa since it introduced the Voice Service and Echo line of devices to the ANZ market, “The introduction of these skills for multimodal devices will enable customers to experience voice-led services in a whole new way. Not only can Alexa tell you things, but she can now show you too – all you have to do is ask.”

“Alexa, ask Coastalwatch for the surf at Snapper Rocks.”

“Alexa, ask Coastalwatch what’s the surf like tomorrow at Sunshine Beach?”

“Alexa, ask Coastalwatch when is low tide?”

“What can I say – this is the sickest surf skill out there…it’s pumpin’”

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