Dominos Alexa Skill

Hands free ordering.

Today, Australians with an AMAZON Alexa are enjoying a hands-free ordering experience thanks to our Domino’s Skill. It may be incredibly lazy to order a pizza without lifting a finger, but there’s something quite satisfying and fun in ordering a pizza whilst you’re watching a movie while asking Alexa to place your Domino’s ‘Quick Order’.


In 2015, Domino’s pushed the envelope and made ordering possible through Ford Sync, Samsung TVs, smartwatches and even emojis. In 2017, delivery innovations were trialled via Drones and DRU assist – their robotic delivery unit.

Domino’s is a brand known for its radical innovation and transformation in pizza ordering, tracking and delivery. Regarding itself as a “Technology Company, disguised as a marketing company, disguised as a pizza company”, the brand continues to set the bar for ordering & delivery innovations.

The brief to VERSA was simple. How do we get Australian customers to order pizza in a new and exciting way?


Use technology to make life easier for our customers.


With a team spirit of “anything is possible”, a mantra from the 2010 era of Domino’s management, VERSA worked in collaboration with AMAZON and Domino’s to create one of the fastest-to-market Voice Skill that engages users and makes ordering pizza truly hands-free.

The VERSA and Domino’s Australia teams didn’t fixate on everything last thing that the Amazon Alexa could do for ordering but rather focused on what we could do really well. Every great digital experience comes from an iterative approach and we knew this was no different.

We designed a skill around simplicity & convenience.

To place an order using the skill, users must first set up a ‘Quick Order’ in their Domino’s account. Users interact with the skill by simply saying “Alexa, ask Domino’s to order my favourite”.

The ‘Quick Order’ is the cornerstone of our skill, ultimately building frequency of purchase and simplifying the order process. From here, users are able to track their order – “Alexa, ask Domino’s to track my order” and even discover weekly discounts – “Alexa what are the Dominos specials this week?”.

The skill is in its first iteration, and the goal is to grow the voice experience intents alongside the platform growth of the Australian market. Domino’s is the first of its kind to launch voice ordering via Amazon Alexa here in the Australia market, and VERSA was the first office to have pizza delivered to their door via Amazon Alexa.

“ Domi-no’s? More like Domin-yes! ” 

Chris Thomas, Senior Digital Experience Designer, Domino’s Pizza Enterprises.

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