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The travel retailer Flight Centre has extended its digital offering to customers with the help of VERSA, bringing the brand promise of “Lowest Airfares Guaranteed” to life via voice experience platform Amazon Alexa.


Pioneering the Australian travel experience with “The Lowest Airfares Guaranteed”, Flight Centre has brought its positioning to life through their omnichannel approach to customer engagement. With Alexa launching in Australia and the successful uptake of the platform in the U.S, Flight Centre knew it had to bring “The Lowest Airfares Guaranteed” to the voice experience platform for customers to engage with. VERSA was tasked to build a travel retail skill on Alexa that engaged with consumers in a new and fulfilling way, driving travel discovery, and ultimately, leads for the business.


Flight Centre’s digital platforms require the travel researcher and travel intender to get in touch with their consultants to get further travel information or finalise flights.


The Alexa skill followed a path of customer centricity, giving the user the right information at the right time. We sought to empower our users to discover their destinations and be surprised at the cost and convenience through Alexa.

Unlike traditional UX, we developed a VX (Voice Experience) flow, which maps out the dialogue that users could have with our skill. The utterances (conversations with Alexa) were derived from the most searched travel queries from Flight Centre, and a series of role-playing workshops with our conversation strategists ensured we used the right context for our conversation.

Our skill searches countries, cities, regions, airlines, cabin classes and dates to communicate the best prices all at your verbal request.

To interact with the Skill, users simply say “Alexa, launch Flight Centre,” “Hey Alexa, ask Flight Centre for the cheapest flight to Asia” or “Hey Alexa, ask Flight Centre for a flight to Dublin from February 9th until the 22nd” and hundreds of iterations in between. No matter your question or how you ask it, you will always get Flight Centre’s cheapest offer.

Once users find their preferred destination and flight, they share their mobile number with Alexa, which then prompts a Flight Centre Consultant to follow up and assist with a booking.

The skill was built to discover the ease of travel through low-cost flights. Travel discovery would lead to travel intent and capturing that intent via a mobile number allowed Flight Centre consultants to convert leads to sales. A perfect use of voice-commerce logic.

‘Alexa, ask Flight Centre for the cheapest flight to Japan’

‘Alexa, ask Flight Centre for a flight to Paris flying Business Class’

‘Alexa, ask Flight Centre for a flight to Sydney with Virgin Australia’

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