GoGet Alexa Skill

Car bookings without the hassle.

For GoGet’s customers enjoying the benefits of owning a car without having to buy one is already a reality and a way of life. Driven by the ambition to extend the convenient way of living, GoGet partnered with VERSA to offer voice-enabled instant booking and real-time status updates through Amazon Alexa, allowing their members to simply ask, book, and drive away.


With the increased popularity of car and ride-sharing in metropolitan areas, Australia’s first car-sharing service GoGet recognise that more and more Australians are seeking a convenient, flexible alternative to owning a car; just like their 100,000 community members.

Following the Australian launch of Amazon Alexa in February, GoGet was quick to identify the opportunity to enter the transport and car-share category as an established player in the growing market. Amazon Australia engaged VERSA with a task to design a voice experience that will be a value-add for their existing members that can also double as an appealing offer to attract new customers.


Convenience is the biggest driver for users’ uptake on GoGet. For the majority of their members, immediate vehicle availability and location are critical to their experience.


The GoGet Alexa Skills lets users place an instant booking and get real-time booking status update. In tackling the brief, we were adamant to leverage GoGet members’ existing behaviour than to create new ones. The VERSA team looked deeply into the users’ common needs and most-frequented tasks and identified the need to simplify their 3-step online booking process into hassle-free, voice-enabled interaction.

While the task might sound easy, to make it a useful and wholesome product it is important that the Skill doesn’t favour certain users’ pattern over another. We built the GoGet Alexa Skill to recognise availability, locations, memberships, time of day, duration, vehicle accessories and more

In total, the solution incorporated more than 16 slot types, making it one of the more complex custom voice experience created and released within the first 6 months of the Australian’s Alexa launch. GoGet’s wide vehicle range, from vans to convertibles, was also included as main use cases in the skill.

The GoGet Alexa Skill truly extends the essence of ‘convenience’ that’s really important to their users, and enable bookings without the hassle. The experience ticks all of GoGet’s product experience criteria: flexible, simple and informative. Life is easier with the GoGet Skill.

“Alexa, tell GoGet I need a van on Saturday”

“Alexa, ask GoGet to book pet-friendly convertible”

“Alexa, ask GoGet for my bookings”

“Member engagement is our number one priority. Harnessing Alexa’s ability to deliver voice-activated, hands-free convenience to anyone who wants to book one of our shared vehicles is a major step into the future”

Tristan Sender, CEO, GoGet Carshare

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