Creative, Design, Technology

In a time of information overload, parents are time-poor, VERSA created an app supported by a virtual nurse. Nurse Norah is a chatbot who can connect parents to trusted info from MCH services.

  • RoleCreative, Design, Technology
  • ChallengeParents want the best for their baby, but the information is hard to find
  • SolutionA chatbot that connects parents through conversation

Creative & Strategy

From our strategic insights, we knew how diverse the audience of the app would be.

So accessible illustrations support the UX of the app.

VERSA made the illustrations in-house. Illustrators, designers and motion artists worked together to create a flexible experience. Users can customise their avatar based on age, ethnicity or beliefs.

Design & innovation

Conversational AI connects parents to all the content the Maternal Services had on offer.

By using conversational frameworks, we could connect parents to the right information.

If you ask “Why won’t my baby sleep?” the chatbot gives an evidence-based answer provided by the MCH services.

If you ask \"What should my 14month year old eat\" Nurse Norah has the answer and the research for you to download to see why.

Technology & Development

Personalisation is supported in the MCH app. Parents can get reminders for their appointments, track progress and discover new research.

By using a scalable and lean technology build the app is continuously improving.

Scaling the build to include growth tracking features. Giving client control to update content. All supported by a platform-agnostic build that works on smartphones with different capabilities.


  • 50,000Downloads

    After a year of release

  • 2018AMY award finalist

    App for social good

  • 100,000Parents

    No longer relying on Dr. Google