Village Cinemas Alexa Skill

Instant movie recommendations.

From romantic date nights to mind-blowing blockbuster experiences, Village Cinemas have been a part of many moviegoers’ memorable moments. Yet for every occasion, finding the perfect flick to suit the mood and occasion can be a tricky one. Partnering with VERSA, Village Cinemas created a branded skill helping everyday Australians get instant movie recommendations and sessions, simply just by asking Alexa.


With twenty-seven locations across Australia and seven unique concept cinemas, Village Cinemas’ offering extends from latest the blockbusters to foreign movies, as well as luxury Gold Class experiences and kids-only theatre that delight and entertain their customers; young and old.

Behind the curtain, Village Cinemas know that the customers’ pre-visit experience, like choosing the perfect flick or the ideal time, can sometimes be the trickiest: “What’s on today at Southland?”, “What romantic movies are showing?”, “When is Avengers showing on Saturday?”. Outside getting this information online, there were no other means for customers to get instant answers. This need is echoed by their Customer Service team who responds to hundreds of similar queries every day.


Utilise voice assistant capability to enhance customers’ pre-visit experience, allowing them to get sessions booking information quicker.


Having noticed the success of voice-enabled platforms overseas, Village Cinemas saw voice as a fitting platform to extend their offering and enhance the pre-visit phase of the customer journey. They tasked VERSA to deliver a useful product with genuine utility, in time for the launch of Amazon Alexa in Australia.

VERSA developed a skill that’s a rich library of ever-changing movie and session content, allowing users to get the latest information quickly and easily. The skill allows users to discover movies, set their preferred cinema, and hear the latest session times for their favourite flicks.

Users can also ask Alexa for movies showing at different cinema concepts, such as Gold Class or VPremium.

Different to the website, the skill can give users recommendations on top-selling movies. Upon completion, users can opt to receive a text message with a link to secure their seats and tickets online.

Village Cinemas is amongst the first Australian skills available in the Amazon Alexa stores.

“Alexa helps me choose the movie my girlfriend won’t”

Happy Customer, VIC.

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