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Featured and free events in Melbourne

As one of most liveable cities in the world, Melbourne has hundreds of events every single day and offers its residents, workers and visitors an almost overwhelming amount of things to do. The City of Melbourne’s What’s On website, email newsletter and social media channels help people discover things to do in the City. With the popularity of Amazon Alexa growing, and demand for voice experiences from the public increasing, the City of Melbourne wanted to expand its communication channels and create an ideal Voice experience for anyone in Melbourne, to discover What’s On.


With a website that attracts more than six million visits a year, the City of Melbourne lists hundreds of events every day and curates a selection of featured and free events across various channels. The City of Melbourne partnered with VERSA, to become the first city council in Australia to create an Alexa Skill that delivers a selection of activities to its locals and visitors.


How can we make it easier for people to discover What’s On in the City of Melbourne?



VERSA worked with the ‘What’s on Melbourne’ project team to deliver an Alexa Skill that allows an easy way for people to discover featured and free events within the City of Melbourne’s boundary. Designed to work with the new Echo Spot, the Multimodal Skill, shares Melbourne’s curated list of upcoming events, displaying a photo and other crucial information — such as date, time and location — whilst allowing users to request additional in-depth information about the event. This information can be then passed through to the Alexa companion app to deliver a full experience. After assessing the City of Melbourne’s infrastructure and content distribution channels, VERSA and City of Melbourne realised that the existing infrastructure wasn’t going to suit the modern requirements for making a Voice Experience. VERSA created a bespoke content management portal to help translate existing event content into a format that was ‘Voice first’.

As part of City of Melbourne’s discovery approach to Voice, VERSA designed and built the initial Voice Experience to run as a lean ‘pilot’ program, enabling the What’s On team to not only understand the adoption of Voice with its intended audience, but to understand how to prepare their content for future conversational experiences. This Skill was designed with simplicity in mind. Focussing on the free and featured events in the city, the Skill, shares the most important information to the user, while making content creation simple for the What’s On team. Though the Skill’s been designed to be ‘Voice First’, it’s supported by a multimodal interaction to enhance the experience on Echo Spot devices. The Skill delivers an incredibly smooth user experience, where users can hear details of the events and take all the information away with them in the Alexa companion app.

“Alexa, open What’s on Melbourne”

“Alexa, ask What’s on Melbourne for free events”

“Alexa, ask What’s on Melbourne for featured events”

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