Mumbrella Emerging Agency of the year

We’re celebrating

Things have never looked better here at VERSA. We are proud to announce we are the winner of Mumbrella’s 2018 Emerging Agency of the Year. We had an amazing time in Sydney and met some inspiring and switched on people.

Here is Mumbrella’s cast of jurors explaining why they chose us as their Emerging Agency of the year:

“The jury said of Versa, “They are ambitiously unambitious – they know what they do well and that’s all they want to do. These guys are not just first to market, they know their vision and where they are headed. Nothing they have done is a fluke or by chance. The agency is ahead of the curve, has identified the opportunity brilliantly and is highly effective.” The jury added, “Professional, inventive, productive, continuous and with ongoing revenue. They have well and truly emerged!”

Thank you Mumbrella, we are so flattered. The last seven months have certainly been challenging at times, but exciting for the team. Your recognition certainly is a high point for the VERSA team so far.


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