Data & Optimisation

Getting started with data

Data integrates within our entire service offering, informing decisions at each stage, defining focus, minimising risk and optimising performance. We make data meaningful, quality over quantity - we can track and optimise end-to-end experiences or multiple devices or just single sites.

Whatever the project we make sure the required client, customer or digital data is secure, meaningful and actionable.

  • Data strategy & implementation

    We’ll help you define business KPIs, then track the user behaviours that directly impact them. Be it online, in-app, or through chat, we'll give you a clearer view of performance and where to improve.

  • Analytics & insights

    Our role is to translate data from raw numbers into hypotheses and actions. Analysis of raw data, will help gain consensus within the team, so we can align and create measurable improvements together.

  • Data optimisation (CRO, AB Testing, SEO, SEM)

    Conversion rate optimisation, AB & multivariate testing, SEO & SEM optimisation will improve customer conversions across a range of digital platforms. Our data team works directly with UX to deliver a better experience that drives conversion.

Featured Work

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