Digital Pivot Workshop

COVID-19 is accelerating digital transformation and deepening differences across your business at an incredible rate. We’ve helped many market-leading brands transform and pivot based on audience and market conditions.

Find out how

Now is the time to transform your organisation

  • Digital Innovation

    Your business is now forced to think innovatively to overcome the current climate.

  • Seamless Customer Experience

    Your business needs to deliver exceptional customer service at every digital touchpoint.

  • Transition beyond CVOID-19

    Develop a strategy that empowers your business to succeed beyond tomorrow.

We know it's not business as usual

Let’s build the foundations to take your brand from current-state, through to the future.

  • Self Assessment

    Work with you to analyse what the current environment and opportunities look like for your organisation, addressing operational and financial constraints

  • Reimagine

    Reimagine what is the new normal. Uncover the opportunities that drive your business to success.

  • Return to Market

    Take your new digital frontier to market. Experiment, evolve and optimate to meet your customers where they are.

We’ve got a 
dedicated a team to support & automate your organisation

  • Our global team works remotely

    Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, U.S, Nicaragua. Our global team is ready and experienced in delivering high-quality solutions for global organisations remotely. 

  • Our experience and credentials

    We’ve been supporting the Government, health, insurance & financial institutes to automate customer support for the last 3 years. Our team is certified across Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure & AWS.

  • Our promise to you

    We’ve dedicated our team to this so we can use our expertise to help in ways we’re trained to. VERSA’s focus is to help people and businesses get through this together.

Let's workshop this

Clients we’ve helped innovate

  • VicGov Chatbot VERSA Agency
  • Red Cross Chatbot VERSA Agency
  • Village Cinemas Digital Transformation VERSA-Agency

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