Digital agents for internal workplace support

More HR, Finance & Operational teams are struggling to deal with the high volume of internal communication than ever before. We can use Conversational AI to assist your team members, give process guidance, help new hires, and answer your most frequently asked questions.

Let us help you

Streamline your internal communication with Conversation AI

  • Automate your communication

    Chatbots will power 85% of customer service by 2020.

  • Always-on support

    Virtual Agents lead to faster response times and resolutions, 24-7-365.

  • Cost Saving Efficiencies

    Livechat solutions can reduce costs by 30%, lessening financial impact in times of crisis. A rapidly scalable solution future proofs the communication channel.

Let’s optimise your workforce with self-service HR

Whether you’re looking to integrate Conversational AI & automation into your Slack, Microsoft Teams or Intranet, we can create a solution that will help optimise your team.

  • Transition to automation today

    We take the workload off you, using your existing customer queries, we build your bot to automate 100’s of questions.

  • Customising your bot

    Our team will work with you and give you an insight into how to build Conversational AI solutions.

  • Scaling your solution

    Start to scale your solution for future implementation, exploring personalisation and automation through your CRM, HR & Finance toolkit.

We’ve got a 
dedicated a team to support & automate your organisation.

  • Our global team knows remote

    Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, U.S, Nicaragua. Our global team is ready and experienced in delivering high-quality solutions for global organisations remotely. 

  • Our experience and credentials

    We’ve been supporting the government, health, insurance & financial institutes to automate customer support for the last 3 years. Our teams certified across Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, AWS & conversational tools

  • Our promise to you

    We’ve dedicated our team to this so we can use our expertise to help in ways we’re trained to. VERSA’s focus is to help people and businesses get through this together.

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Clients we’ve helped with conversation

  • VicGov Chatbot VERSA Agency
  • Red Cross Chatbot VERSA Agency
  • City of Melbourne Chatbot VERSA Agency
  • Flight Centre Chatbot VERSA Agency
  • Coca-Cola Chatbot VERSA Agency
  • nib Chatbot VERSA Agency

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