Lunch and Learn: What is Conversational AI?

Join world-leading digital transformation agency VERSA to learn about the current and future state of play for Conversational AI. Understand how you can accelerate digital transformation within your organisation.

About this Event

This Lunch and Learn provides you and your team a deeper understanding of the power and potential of Conversational AI. Join our five-part series on conversational AI where we will discuss the implications and use cases of conversational AI. 

Series One will take you through the surprising value of basic FAQ bots to the power of cutting edge AI, this session's aim is to up-skill your team and help inform your longer-term digital transformation strategy.

The session will cover:

  • What is conversational AI and what are the benefits
  • The 5 stages of bot maturity 
  • The key benefits of each stage 
  • Chatbots and other conversational AI use cases

Intended Audience:

  • Customer Service Leads 
  • Digital Transformation and Technology Officers
  • Heads of Customer Experience
  • Heads of Operations & Management
  • Marketing Officers and Managers
Lunch & Learn: Session 1 : What is Conversational AI?
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