Google Assistant

Hey Google, Talk to VERSA

What is Google Assistant

The Google Assistant is Google’s own entry into the voice assistant game. Released in 2016, The Google Assistant is an upgrade from Google Now; the service aiming to provide you with answers to your questions before you need them. Like Siri on iPhones, the Google Assistant comes pre-built into newer Android phones, and can also be downloaded onto iOS. However, unlike Siri, the Google Assistant can also support 3rd party voice-experiences, similar to Alexa.

The Google Assistant has many features that set it apart from Alexa. It knows more information about you, thanks to the wide variety of Google Services it automatically links up to and can engage in more in-depth two-way conversation as previous interactions are remembered for a longer time. Google has also released the Google Assistant onto its line of smart speakers.



“Ok Google, tell me about VERSA”


Google Assistant’s main attraction is its integration with the powerful Google search. Any simple question that can be answered in a simple Google Search Card, can be answered by voice. This means that the Google Assistant guesses the answer to more questions than Alexa.

Versa Agency Google Assistant

Google Actions

versa agency google assistant mini


“Ok Google, talk to Dominos”


Instead of creating ‘skills’, brands can create ‘actions’, or ‘assistant apps’. Actions function similar to Alexa skills, however, don’t use the Assistant’s voice, and are invoked by fewer phrases. To start a voice experience in the Google Assistant, you must say Ok Google, talk to Domino’s or Hey Google, speak to Domino’s and ask for my quick order.

Like Alexa, there are 3 different types of voice experiences that can be created, Content Actions, Smart Home Actions and Assistant Apps. These are all similar to Alexa Skills, with the exception of Content Actions, which use content-rich AMP pages that have been formatted for Google News.

The Google Assistant is a powerful addition to the voice assistant race and is also finding its way into numerous third-party devices. Google Assistant is more powerful than Alexa when it comes to search functionality, however, it is still slowly catching up to Alexa’s smart home and music integration.

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