Customise to meet your needs

Tailor our services to meet your business needs 

Choose from a range of services including

  • Research + Strategy
    Allow us to help you uncover what it is you need to prioritse and what will provide the most value to you as a business. 

  • CRO + Core Web Vitals
    Deliver seamless web experiences for your audience, improve search rankings, increase traffic and revenue. 

  • Workshop facilitation
    A collaborative session to empower teams to have discussions that matter in a structured way to gain a shared understanding run by UX experts. 
  • UX + UI design 
    User experience and user interface design are both crucial to a product in providing a human-first approach to product design in an effective and aestheically delightful manner. 

  • Development + CI
    Customised to your discovery and validation needs. 

Open Invest

Customise Success Insight

Open Invest approached VERSA with a unique UX proposition; to reimagine their lengthy onboarding process towards a future-proofed solution that was streamlined and user-centric.
Involving the product team in the creative process was important for Open Invest, so a collaborative format with our in-house UX experts was advised as the optimal path forward. 
VERSA ran a Design Sprint that included two full-day collaborative workshops. Through this process, we were able to investigate the root cause of the onboarding issue with their team; prototyping and testing a new human-centred experience designed to drive conversion.