Validate your assumptions

How we help

The validation process

1. Kick off: We discuss priorities and metrics that matter most 

2. Research Plan: We create a research approach to fit your needs 

3. External test: We create a bespoke and unmoderated UX test 

4. Interview setup: We collaborate with scripting and recruitment 

5. User interviews: We facilitate eight (8) 1:1 online user interviews 

6. Data visualisations: We transform user data into meaningful UX aterfacts 

7. Design visualisations: We visualise data-led opportunities using UX design 

8. Report handover: We present and handover the user experience report 


Validate Success Insight

Due to tight restrictions that regulate OVIC’s ability to collect user data, there were internal assumptions being made on how members of the public engaged with core services. 
As the first course of action, VERSA advised on a first-click test to gather data around the findability of online services across priority pages. This test exposed a wealth of data-led optimisation hypotheses that were then validated through 1:1 interviews.
This collection of user data was presented to OVIC, with core findings synthesised into detailed journey maps and designed wireframes – helping the team visualise intricacies of a public users’ experience.