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We create Voice Experiences for brands

We create unique voice experiences for brands with real-time results. In the rapidly evolving Voice Experience landscape, our experienced team stands out with our attention to planning, design and detail.

We work with some of the best minds in Australia to create the first expansive and continuously improved Alexa Skills and Google Actions, many compatible with Siri and Cortana. We are Australia’s First Enterprise Level Voice Experience Agency – and rightfully proud of it. We enable accessibility for all, use cutting-edge technology and give a voice to your brand. We’re working towards a truly conversational world.

Voice is the most significant new technology to impact our lives and culture since Apple introduced the App in 2007.

The Platforms

Around the work & in Australia we're working to build a better industry

Amazon Alexa

The first of their kind, Amazon Echo speakers connect to artificial intelligence (AI) which responds to the name ‘Alexa.’ A voice-controlled personal assistant, Alexa can help search the web, play music, create to-dos and, through the capacity of ‘skills’, do any number of things controlled only by the size of your imagination. ‘Skills’ are comparable to apps in that they are individual environments that can answer your questions about available movies, available flights to your next destination, or tell you when the new Jurassic World is playing. With Amazon’s rollout of the Alexa Voice Service, anyone can integrate Alexa into their own product. This allows Alexa to be put into anything from your fridge to your car, and even your clothes!

Google Assistant

Google’s answer to Amazon’s Alexa is the Google Assistant, which pioneered voice-enabled speakers in Australia with the Google Home. The Google Assistant utilises Google’s powerful search functionality to give you an answer to almost any question that can be answered on the web. The Google Assistant understands context and offers sophisticated management tools with access to your calendar, contacts and search history. Brands can create “Actions” that can create more specific experiences so you may check your power usage, dim your lights, or control your music.

How we work

We work in sprints to create proven and reliable voice experiences.

Requirements gathering

Project kick-off to determine the high-level details and deliverables for the Alexa Skill and set expectations for the project moving forward.

Blueprinting & VUI design

During the VUI design (Visual User Interface) phase, we produce scripts and a user flow diagram for the Skill. A tech spec/architecture document will be created in preparation for starting technical development.

Development & VX production

Development and VX production can begin once the Skill user flow and scripts have been signed off and any content has been provided by the client.

User acceptance & submission

Quality Assurance for the Skill will be conducted on physical Amazon/Google devices + pre-certification testing with the platform partners.

Our Clients

Here's an example of some of the kind of people we do it for.

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Featured Work

Around the world & in Australia we're working to build a better industry.