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Voice Workshops

Conversational consultancy

Voice workshops help your brand or business find your voice, and what your voice experience might be. In a workshop we ideate and rapidly prototype with you, so you can get a proof of concept after a days work. Solve your brand's problems or streamline internal processes with a voice workshop today.

  • Conversational design

    Conversational design Human-centred approaches to conversational design, our experiences always put your user and brand first.

    • Ideation
    • VUI design
    • User testing
    • Iteration
  • Voice architecture

    Access our standard-setting voice technology IP, streamlined process and get more control.

    • Development
    • Internal Testing
    • 3rd party testing
    • Amazon certification
  • Voice optimisation and analytics

    Track real-time results, discover how your market talks and how they talk with your brand.

    • Real-time data
    • User testing
    • Voice search data
    • Keyword analysis

Huggies: Helping kids learn with Voice.

Around the work & in Australia we're working to build a better industry

Find your brand’s Voice.

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Australia’s first enterprise-level voice experioence (VX) agency, VERSA, was a key driver in the development of nib’s ‘voice’, creating a simple guided experience for its use

Mathew Finch, Head of Emerging Technology, NIB

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Around the world & in Australia we're working to build a better industry.