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a global team of expert communicators, thinkers, creators, AND builders.

We are incredibly proud to have built up a large global team of craft experts, united by a shared passion for delivering human-centred digital solutions.

We strive to always be at the cutting-edge of digital innovation; designing and building customer-centric solutions that make a difference.

MAKing LIFE BETTER, One digital solution at a time.

Meet Kath


With a fervour for digital, a mind for innovation, and a firm commitment to enhancing mental health in the workplace, Kath has spent the past 18 years leading remarkable teams at the forefront of tech solutions.

Kath is proud to be behind VERSA - a leading digital transformation agency specialising in the integration of conversational, voice and AI technologies.

Kath is passionate about helping create better conversations and experiences for our clients and their customers. As an advocate for equity, Kath strongly believes technology can enrich and simplify ALL lives. We can reach the (who may initially seem) unreachable. By employing conversational platforms that accommodate the needs of the elderly, the visually impaired, those living with disability, mobility and dexterity issues and/or those from different linguistic backgrounds - access to information becomes readily available to everyone.

Kath is committed to helping all people, especially women, to experience a better life especially in the area of mental health. A dedicated mentor, dedicating time to women across a range of industries, providing them with guidance and encouragement to stay in our industry and progress their careers.

Meet Stephen


With a strategic mind for digital transformation and a passion for technology, Stephen Clarke has spent over a decade project managing enterprise-level UX/CX projects.

An Agile-trained leader, Stephen collaborates with clients to define technical business requirements and spearheads complex implementation projects that drive operational efficiency.

Stephen’s extensive project management background and practical interest in self-service emerging technology have equipped him with the skills to deliver AI projects at scale and manage business transformation solutions. His expertise spans CMS platforms, mobile-first applications, and conversational technology, enabling him to create innovative solutions that meet clients’ evolving needs.

As General Manager, Stephen is dedicated to developing and mentoring a diverse team of talented digital professionals that deliver. His deep understanding of the digital landscape and commitment to fostering a collaborative, supportive and motivating environment ensures that his team consistently delivers exceptional results.


Our commitment to making life better doesn't run skin-deep, it's at the heart of what we do. As a major employer and an industry leader, we take our social and community responsibilities as seriously as the delivery of bespoke digital solutions for our clients.


We get our team together every other month to connect while giving back to the community. Over the last 15 years, we've packed hundreds of food relief boxes, raised thousands of dollars for charitable causes, and hosted a myriad of fundraising events.


It's no secret that we are passionate about making life better. In fact, it's this mission that has led us to work with some amazing like-minded organisations. Everyone in our team, from the craft experts to internal operations, is doing their part to make life better.


We are advocates for change in our industry across a number of fronts. We are regularly invited to present about the future of work, and have become well-known for our unconventional policies that support diversity and inclusivity in the workplace.


Flexibility is the name of the game when it comes to empowering our team to do their best work. As a remote-first agency (and one of the first adopters of the four day work week in Australia), we don't just talk about work life balance, we live it.
Working at VERSA

hear it STRAIGHT FROM THE SOURCE, our team.

What's the best part about working at VERSA? 
"For me it's the team. Everyone at VERSA is here for the same reason. The drive that our teamwork creates makes for a seriously inspiring place to work, learn, and grow."
— Dave Long, UX Designer
"Among many other reasons, it's the supportive and flexible environment that makes VERSA such a great place to work. Our team is empowered with the tools they need to thrive, and the flexibility to execute in a way that fits within our personal style."
— Claire Colussa, Producer
How would you describe VERSA to someone new?
"I would describe VERSA as inclusive and unconventional. It's purpose-driven clients, it's interesting digital projects, and it's a flexible working environment that attracts talented, like-minded people."
— Adam Lade, Senior Strategist
"VERSA stands out for its holistic approach to digital solutions. We combine cutting-edge techniques and workflows, ensuring that every project is beautifully crafted to meet the highest standards—all while maintaining an excellent work/life balance."
— Ash Winch, Interaction Designer


The best place to check for career opportunities is on our LinkedIn page. We're always on the lookout for the like-minded experts to join our team. So if you've got something to bring to the table — and also share our same passion for making life better — don't hesitate to get in touch.

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