/About VERSA


At VERSA, we specialise in digital transformations powered by conversational AI. We are experts at helping businesses understand, design, create and manage unified, omni-channel experiences that put the customer first. 

We build scalable conversational relationships by seamlessly combining conversational AI and human understanding, supporting businesses and consumers to engage in better and more effective conversations.

We are a large team of thinkers, strategists, designers and developers. Whilst our head office is in Melbourne our staff are located around the globe in Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, New Zealand, Seattle, Singapore, Nicaragua and Mumbai.

We stand by the below guiding principals that drive our business:

We are committed to the power of Conversational AI

We know that the role of Conversation AI needs to be central to all digital transformation, whether it be a website, contact centre or any other channel of communications with your customers. 

Our approach ensures that Conversational AI is at the heart of every project, powering enhanced CX and reimagining what you are able to provide for your customers. 

We do not prescribe before we diagnose

We believe the success of any engagement starts with a clear understanding and alignment on the key challenges your organisation is looking to address. 

For this reason, we insist that any engagement starts with an element of discovery to ensure we’re aligned on current-state, before being in a position to start proposing solutions.

We do not work in silos

At VERSA we believe that collaboration is vital to the success of every engagement.  For this reason, we put as much effort into selecting the right client, as you do in selecting us as the right partner. We ensure that the experts you meet on day one, are also the team you’re celebrating with at the end.

Awards and Honours

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