Case Studies/Beyond Blue

Beyond Blue

See it in action

BeYou is Beyond Blue’s latest youth-focused initiative, it unifies five different sites. This single, integrated resource covers a child’s entire education. BeYou enables teachers to connect with students around mental health.

Data & Insights

Digital learning for teachers

By doing user research with teachers and education leaders with BeyondBlue, we saw how varied everyone’s needs were in the mental health education space.

Teachers had busy schedules so our user experience was built around non-linear and flexible user journeys. This approach meant for the personalisation of the learning modules and UX journey, based on the user's available time. 

Strategy & UX

UX for efficient education

BeYou helps teachers recognise and respond to mental health issues in their students and peers, by providing modular, video and text informational content.

We employed UX design and conversational copywriting to make sure the info is in bite-sized conversational modules. Allowing educators to guide their own progress, learning at a pace that best suits their busy schedules.

Technology & Development

A smarter education platform

By building with Sitecore, VERSA has personalised the experience for each user and gave Beyond Blue control to update content through a robust CMS. The next step was integrating Salesforce CRM and Marketing Cloud. By doing this data flows into a centralised user database.

Now user progress can be fed into the greater Beyond Blue platform of mental wellbeing. Meaning Beyond Blue can see a user’s complete journey through BeYou, as opposed to session specific data.