Stroke Foundation

A decade-long digital partnership with the National Stroke Foundation Australia.

Delivering truly accessible digital solutions that support the NSF on their mission to improve life after stroke.

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At a Glance

The delivery of an ecosystem of targeted digital solutions that enhance support after stroke. This included a commercial site for supporting fundraising objectives, a trusted resource repository for medical practitioners and caregivers, and a community platform for supporting stroke survivors.

  • Extensive community engagement
  • Targeted UX and interface design
  • Cutting-edge accessibility features
  • Text-to-speech (NLU) functionality.
  • Fully customisable Accessibility Wizard
  • Meeting strict AA accessibility standards
The challenge

Addressing the needs of an entire community.

A platform that helps medical practitioners bridge the gap in ongoing care by providing cited resources, clinical guidelines, and quality data to support improvements in the treatment of stroke survivors.

An intuitive and highly accessible corporate platform to help stakeholders exceed fundraising targets, with flexible content tools to service the evolving needs of the Australian stroke survivor community.

A community platform for stroke survivors, with a focus on providing moderated social forums, personalised resources, and cutting-edge accessibility features to improve recovery and life after stroke.

How do we deliver a digital ecosystem that improves life after stroke?

The solution

Targeted experiences led by extensive research.

  • Human-centred design
  • AA Accessibility Compliant
  • Custom accessibility features

As per our human-centred design methodology, extensive user and stakeholder research laid the groundwork for new features and user experience innovations.

For stroke survivors, this approach culminated as a suite of cutting-edge accessibility features. A notable innovation was the creation of an Accessibility Wizard, allowing users to tailor content display, layout, and styling to suit accessibility needs.

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A solution ecosystem

Enable me

A world-first, international online community and information platform for stroke survivors. EnableMe features cutting-edge accessibility features that can be customised to meet stroke survivors' individual needs. This includes customising page layouts to accomodate vision, communication, or mobility requirements.

inform me

A companion site to EnableMe, InformMe is a custom-built online network and resource repository for healthcare professionals, hospital staff, and researchers. InformMe allows users to generate treatment plans for patients under their care, and collaborate by sharing resources with their colleagues at different hospital centres.

Corporate site

Developed in Umbraco, the NSF corporate site was designed to meet rigorous accessibility and UX standards. A key component of this solution was the development of campaign-specific donation forms and pages with vanity URLs, allowing donor data to be pushed back to Stroke Foundation’s central CRM platform.

The Results


Over the past decade, VERSA's collaboration with the National Stroke Foundation Australia has yielded remarkable outcomes. We have supported the foundation on it's mission to improve life after stroke, delivering:

  • EnableMe, a ground-breaking online community for stroke survivors, boast cutting-edge accessibility features.
  • InformMe, designed for healthcare professionals, fosters collaboration and streamlined treatment planning.
  • A corporate website which underwent a recent transformation, now meeting rigorous accessibility standards and delivering a responsive user experience.

We continue to work with the NSF to improve the quality of their digital offerings, with a focus on introducing new AI-led solutions to this ecosystem to further enhance online experiences for the stroke community.

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"VERSA's innovative thinking and considered solutions have significantly boosted our online visibility and engagement."

Richard Cullen, National Manager of Digital Services for Stroke Foundation

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