Case Studies/City of Sydney

City of Sydney

See it in action

Enhancing and expanding upon the City’s digital services, VERSA helped automate customer service through the website via a virtual customer assistant chatbot with live agent handover, always available to answer key questions.

Technology & Development

A custom CAI solution

We delivered a custom conversational AI (CAI) chatbot solution, rebuilding VOXA in CSharp for state machine logic and using Google DialogFlow for NLU. Hosted in on-premises architecture, we integrated with CoS’s data apis to facilitate several self-service use cases. 

The solution uses LivePerson’s messaging tool, the window of which was highly stylised using JS and CSS to match CoS’ design aesthetic. 

To manage content, we built a custom CMS solution in Sitecore, which integrated with CoS’ corporate website enabling us to offer content management efficiencies for venue information. 

Research & Strategy

Design with data and collaboration

As always, for good conversational design you need a consistent and well-ordered foundation of research. 

In the case of this project, customer service data was crucial in defining our strategy for the placement of the bot based on the customer's contact intent.

Integrations with City of Sydney systems and the bespoke Conversational AI we designed was planned through Customer service workshops, call-centre data, website data and council population statistics.

Design & UX

Automating key customer tasks

The City of Sydney Chatbot has been designed to answer key customer enquiries relating to hiring a venue, inquiring about council rates and parking permits.

With this in mind, VERSA worked extensively with the customer service team and SMEs to make sure the bot was both conversational and engaging, while also being accurate and helpful. 

To enhance the conversation, we made use o LivePerson’s rich content capabilities to provide enhanced conversational features, such as suggestion chips, link chips and carousels, enabling for clearer and more engaging conversational experiences.