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Museums Victoria

VERSA Agency was engaged by Museum’s Victoria to deliver a Digital Customer Experience Strategy for 2022-2025 that articulated a simple, streamlined and contemporary visitor journey for MV’s customers .

The Challenge

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and changing restrictions to on-site visitors, Museums Victoria faced an unprecedented increase in website visitors, with individual galleries seeing online ticket sales surge to 90% of ticket sales at peak times.

This significant increase in online transactions, coupled with the implementation of a new ticketing system and online retail store during 2020, resulted in greater complexity in ticketing offerings online and placed a load on Museums Victoria’s ICT hardware and systems. 

As industry leaders, VERSA was engaged with the task to reimagine the digital experience for Museums Victoria. 

The Soultion

Using Customer Research to Deliver Value

Following our lean approach to agile delivery, we undertook a series of diagnostic and discovery workshops working closely with internal and external stakeholders to understand the fragmented nature of the customer journey and how to provide a connection between the online and offline experience.

Using these insights the team developed a cyclical customer journey framework centred around a nurturing loop, helping to transform first-time visitors into life-long fans. We provided recommendations on how each digital touchpoint should satisfy customers and encourage them to revisit, re-engage and share. 

The Result

A Digital Customer Experience Strategy and Roadmap

A Digital Customer Experience (DCX) strategy trip that helped to transform traditional linear customer journeys into a cyclical loyalty loop. Taking diverse concepts discussed throughout the projects, the team showcased how MV could re-imagine the future of museums. 

To help overcome internal challenges, the team designed a litmus test to help keep MV people on track to deliver the DCX vision. This ensured that Museums Victoria could continue moving forward towards its desired goal and turn concepts into deliverables. 

We delivered the final strategy in January 2022  with a clear strategy and implementation roadmap of optimisations off the back of our discovery and strategic insights.

Solid discovery and ideation process. Versa have achieved simplicity from complexity with their approach.

Museums Victoria Team