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Maternal and Child Health

See it in action

In a time of information overload, parents are time-poor, VERSA created an app supported by a virtual nurse. Nurse Nora is a chatbot that connects parents to relevant and trusted information to care for their young child.


Strengthening Communication and Engagement

The Victorian Department of Health & Human Services and the Maternal Child Health was looking to improve communication with families and offer a trusted and convenient tool that can be used when parents need it at time of need. Improving engagement and trust with parents across the state.


Using AI to find the best content for parents

Our team researched, designed and built a ‘Virtual MCH Nurse’, a conversational AI-based chatbot. The chatbot allows parents to ask specific questions and receive accurate and relevant content in a friendly, engaging and conversational manner.  If you ask "What should my 14-month old eat" Nurse Norah has the answer and the research to answer the question.


Loved by client and by parents

The finished app has been well received with great enthusiasm by parents and the MCH community alike. Results show 50,000 downloads in the first 12 months, and over 80,000 total downloads-  an incredible feat for any app.  We have expanded the features within the app since the initial launch, adding a child growth tracker, content in 8 different languages, sleep tracking and settling and much more!