Village Cinemas

VERSA was engaged by Village Cinemas, a prominent film brand in Australia, to enhance its customer-facing digital experience.

With a combined 1.2 million visitors and over 60,000 transactions each month, precision through data-led optimisation was crucial.

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At a Glance

VERSA worked with Village Cinemas and their customers to improve their booking funnel. The focus was on enhancing user satisfaction, conversion likelihood, and customer lifetime value through a seamless booking experience and enticing loyalty offering.

  • Rapid prototyping
  • Customer co-design and validation
  • Incremental, data-led enhancements
  • Innovative pre-order system
  • Reimagined loyalty offering
  • Australian-first voice experience
The challenge

Blockbuster features with minimal interruptions.

VERSA was tasked with optimising the pre, and post-purchase booking funnel for conversion. As experts in human-centred design, our approach was to use customer data and qualitative insights to drive incremental improvements to the existing experience.

The challenge lay in ensuring that any new updates did not compromise website performance, user satisfaction, or baseline conversion metrics. With tens of thousands of bookings every month, our team needed to be agile, data-driven, and prepared to integrate new features seamlessly with complex third-party systems.

How do we raise the curtain to a conversion-optimised digital experience?

The solution

Co-design, user validation, rapid prototyping.

  • In-venue prototyping
  • Customer co-design and validation
  • Iterative improvement (CRO testing) 

Our design team explored new page layouts, booking features, and CX innovations by adopting a rapid prototyping and co-design methodology.

By testing new concepts in Village Cinemas venues (with user feedback implemented in real-time), we were able to deliver a suite of customer-centric improvements — such as a pre-ordering system and an Australian-first smart speaker experience.

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user-centred design

  • Low-fidelity solution blueprinting
  • Quantitative and qualitative user validation
  • Customer immersion and real-time enhancements

Data-led CRO

  • Painted door feature testing
  • A/B page layout concept testing
  • Multivariate feature testing

By building an extensive collection of customer data, we could implement new booking changes with the confidence that they were going to succeed in-market.

End-to-end value


We worked tirelessly with end-users to implement a suite of incremental, data-led improvements to the core booking experience. These changes ranged from subtle rearrangements of page layouts based on A/B and multivariate data, to brand new functionality — such as food and beverage pre-ordering — co-created with customers in real-time.


Equally as important as an optimised ticket booking experience for new users, was an enhanced digital loyalty offering for the frequent Village Cinema movie-goer. We worked collaboratively with loyalty members (both new and seasoned) to improve the core experience, adding exclusive perks that incentivise brand advocacy and rewarded regular visitation.


As one of the first commercial voice experience skills to be released in the Australian market, the Village Cinemas voice project was on the bleeding-edge. The skill offered a whole new platform for engaging movie-goers and loyalty members, allowing them to discover movies, set their preferred cinema, and hear upcoming session times for their most anticipated films.

The Results

conversion optimisation driven by CX innovation.

Following a data centred and agile CI approach, our team worked with Village Cinemas to deliver incremental improvements and updates to their online customer experience.

Through this process, we also delivered a suite of customisable marketing tools designed to be maintained autonomously by the Village Cinemas team.

Our work as Village Cinema's digital partner included:

  • Promoting loyalty through pre and post-purchase booking functionality.
  • Thoroughly A/B testing pages and booking features to drive CRO.
  • Building on top of the many complex and bespoke third party systems which underpin their web applications
  • Producing hosting and solution designs for AWS infrastructure and other connecting systems
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”Alexa helps me choose the movie my girlfriend won't"

Happy Alexa user, Village Cinemas Skill

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