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Roadshow Films

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Roadshow Films, the largest movie distributor in Australia, were looking to build a new customer-facing website to showcase their extensive collection of movies and TV shows and drive audience engagement with unique content.

The Challenge

Create an intuitive platform to house over 40,000 titles, trailers and exclusive video content pieces from Roadshow, delivering data-driven, personalised recommendations to users. 


The new Sitecore website delivered an extensive searchable content library with the use of sophisticated tagging and integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud to support and enhance email marketing campaigns.  VERSA also devised a personalisation content strategy that then lead to further integration with Salesforce, targeting content to specific users based on their consumption and personal interests.


The personalised approach enables Roadshow to target and promote content to specific users based on the level of content consumption and personal interests, enhancing their UX and encouraging repeat traffic and brand loyalty.