Case Studies/Visit Victoria

Visit Victoria

Supporting local tourism through a voice-first, personalised travel experience that lives in your pocket and your living room. Ask Google to speak to Visit Vic!

Technology & Development

Personalised travel recommendations

Built on Google Assistant using VERSA’s custom voice design framework, VOXA, Visit Vic’s voice-first tourism experience is a personalised engagement that connects to users Google Account, their location and nearby vendors providing custom travel or experience recommendations

Each one of these recommendation cards have tracking URLs so we can determine what experiences a user is visiting, suggesting the next relevant event.

UX & Design

Integrated with your journey

Based on user insights we found that users preferred ratings to help make travel decisions, to create relevant recommendations we added a simple ‘👍 or 👎’ prompt post experience ratings. 

The design around this prompt was elegant, it was a mixture of time and change of location which would register the event and then send the retargeted message to users. 

We’ve deliberately enabled an element of randomness, increasing the likelihood that a user might try something outside their comfort zone adding surprise and delight.

Research & Strategy

Victoria's best events via voice

Building on this user data, we’re excited to optimise the experience for different marketing campaigns and targets in Victoria’s tourism calendar. 

In launching the experience for early summer we’re super excited to pack it full with events, nightlife and cultural experiences that will feel tailor-made to every Victorian’s cultural calendar. 

In order to be able to view bars, users need to indicate that they are over 18. We positioned this message at the start, and remembered the user’s answer, so it is as frictionless as possible.