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City of Melbourne

Technology, Strategy, Innovation

The City of Melbourne partnered with VERSA, to become the first city council in Australia to create a voice experience. The ‘What’s on Melbourne’ Alexa Skill and Google Action deliver a selection of activities to its locals and visitors. It supports 6 million visitors and thousands of events every day.

  • RoleTechnology, Strategy, Innovation
  • ChallengeHelp tourists and locals find the best things to do in Melbourne
  • SolutionCreate a voice experience which simplifies the website to deliver instant results

Technology & Development

The City of Melbourne was the first council to create an experience like this. Melbourne has hundreds of events every single day on offer its residents and visitors. On the website, however, this choice can be almost overwhelming.

Our approach was to use City of Melbourne’s existing API’s. They deliver key data to users via the website, we simplified the content and API’s to make the experience quick and conversational via voice.

Strategy & Creative

The strategy was built around user insights. What was the key information a user needs to be able to find out what was on and then go and experience it?

Simplicity is key in all our projects. We designed the skill to be Multimodal. Delivering only key audio and visual information. First curating a list of upcoming events, then displaying a photo and crucial information like date, time and location.

The skill supports requests for in-depth information about an event to create action.

Innovation & Design

VERSA designed and built the initial experience as a lean ‘pilot’ program. So the City of Melbourne can understand the adoption of voice with its audience. It also allows the team to prepare their content for future conversational experiences.

By focussing on the free and featured events in the city, the skill shares the most popular and requested information to the user.


  • 6 millionVisitors

    Supported via voice

  • InfiniteEvents

    Found and experienced

  • 1stCity council

    To create a voice experience in Australia