Case Studies/Coastal Watch

Coastal Watch

Finding the perfect swell has long been the past time of Aussie surfers. VERSA teamed up with CoastalWatch to create a voice experience that uses APIs to find the gnarliest swell near you. Shaka.

Creative & Strategy

Tracking the swell with voice

Working closely with CoastalWatch meant VERSA’s conversational strategy was informed by the experts for a community of surfers who frequent our beaches from St Kilda to Surfer's paradise.

We look at key principles in the surfer's decision-making process, looking at environmental factors like wind, direction, and swell. Once we had the conversational logic that would drive the experience we could begin designing it. Yew! 

Design & Innovation

Design around real user behaviour

During conversational design, we wanted to make the experience as flexible as possible for users. 

Features we included; a surfer can save their favourite surf spots for the conversation to remember to pick up on next time. Users can get long-form information over the next three days to plan a surf trip, or just find out today's surf conditions to see if it’s worth heading down after work. 

Technology & Development

Integrating with existing APIs

The experience pulls live data from a range of CoastalWatch’s API’s. Including information on the swell, wind, conditions, weather warnings and much more. This is combined into a short-hand voice briefing which gives the information in an audio-friendly way. 

Through multimodal screens, there’s the potential to expand this data to live stream video content from specific beaches.