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Share a Coke

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VERSA and Amazon’s Alexa shared a Coke with Australia via their smart speakers. A voice experience for Coca-Cola, the Share a Coke skill is a leading example of how a brand campaign can be elevated and launched via voice.

The Challenege

An easy world-first for Coca-Cola AU

Coca-Cola wanted to create a world-first campaign that elevates the brand and their messaging of ‘Share a Coke’ in a personalized way for Australians to experience with friends and family.  

VERSA, with Amazon and Coke, built an experience that would be frictionless for customers, and also newsworthy for the media. Essentially this was about starting with a simple question, “Alexa, let’s share a Coke”, providing the user with an even simpler experience to get the Coke sent to them.

The Solution

Sonic branding and brand voice

We developed the ‘Share a Coke’ Skill , allowing users to ask Alexa to share a Coke. Users were taken on a branded Coca-Cola journey, conversing in natural language via voice, resulting in a free, personalised bottle of Coke. 

Our team of conversational designers incorporated sonic branding into the conversation design to show how brand personality can be created with sound. We were able to delight users and provide an immersive experience by including the iconic sounds of Coca-Cola, such as hearing the fizz as you open the Skill for the first time and the clink of cheers at the end of the experience, bringing the brand to life through a smart speaker.

From a technical perspective, we incorporated analytics that enabled users to only redeem five Cokes per device. We also included a digital coupon which users were able to redeem after personalising their bottle before checkout, making the Coke bottle free. 

The Result

Fully-integrated marketing

Over 12,000 smart speaker users asked to Share a Coke within the campaign period. Demand for the experience was so great, usage exceeded campaign expectations by over 300%. Even after bolstering the initial amount of available coupons, more than 800 unique users still missed out receiving a free Coke.

The campaign generated over $14m worth of earned media for Coca-Cola Australia, moreover, it helped increased the amount of full-price personalised Cokes being sold as well.

How VERSA used one voice experience to ‘Share a Coke’ with millions
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