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Share a Coke

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VERSA and Amazon’s Alexa shared a Coke with Australia via their smart speakers. A voice experience for Coca-Cola, the Share a Coke skill is a leading example of how a brand campaign can be elevated and launched via voice.

Strategy & Creative

An easy world-first for Coca-Cola AU

Defining the strategy with Amazon and Coke helped VERSA build an experience that would be frictionless for customers, and also newsworthy for the media. Essentially this was about starting with a simple question, “Alexa, let’s share a Coke”, providing the user with an even simpler experience to get the Coke sent to them.

A user would only need to give a mobile number via voice, which then activates a text message, taking the user to the ‘Share a Coke’ website to make inputting details easier. As for earning media, this was a world-first for Coca-Cola, and we all love world firsts, even better when you can get a free Coke from doing it.

Design & Innovation

Sonic branding and brand voice

To create brand joy, in a very short interaction, our team of conversational designers worked with sonic branding. Smart speakers are being used as a marketing tool for brands more and more today. So to include the iconic sounds of the Coke experience showed how brand personality can be created with just sound and a user’s conversation with their smart speaker.

Hear the fizz as you open the experience for the first time, brand taglines flow naturally within the conversation, and the iconic clink of cheers to say thanks after the end of it all. Make every moment memorable. Cheers.

Technology & Development

Fully-integrated marketing

Security of personal information was considered at every point of the design, we created an architecture that allowed the experience to trigger SMS’s, using Amazon’s SNS service without the need to store user details.

Users who interacted with the experience received a digital coupon, which would discount the cart for one personalised bottle of coke that would be delivered right to the customer's door. Finally, a mechanism was created within the experience to control the pre, during & post messaging, allowing Coco-Cola Australia and our tech team to extend or end the experience at any moment.

How VERSA used one voice experience to ‘Share a Coke’ with millions
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