Case Studies/Department of Premier & Cabinet

Department of Premier & Cabinet

In collaboration with PWC, VERSA led a Hack Day to streamline internal operations with the Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPC). VERSA consults with organisations regularly, trying to find solutions to problems defined in a day.


A discovery workshop on emerging tech

VERSA facilitates discovery, educating and inspiring participants around emerging technology.

We start by gathering requirements, with all members present during the hack day. Users are asked to share pain points in their user journeys on the DPC website. We listened to all kinds of users, including veterans and people with vision impairment, this helped us define areas of technology that could benefit different user groups. 

Design & Innovation

Innovation in a day

The focus of the day was human-centred design, with teams looking at voice and emerging technology to solve their defined problems. By defining a problem we can begin to innovate and design to create solutions.

The problems spanned difficult navigation menus, inability to track a claim or accessibility issues. We explored voice, chat, and UX improvements on the day through rapid iterations. 

Prototype Development

Facilitating prototypes and workshops

To finish the day each team has functioning prototypes that could be trialled with users and the judging panel. Each idea is assessed in the desirability, feasibility or scalability of a solution allowing stakeholders and solution architects to see how an idea might work before building at scale. 

We're passionate about the ideas our clients can create through our emerging-tech and innovation focussed workshops.

By the end of the hack day problems had been solved, prototypes had been created but most importantly voice technology and the future had been discovered by the Department of Premier and Cabinet

Jithma Beneragama, Executive Director of Digital, Design and Innovation, Department of Premier and Cabinet