Case Studies/Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions

Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions

Helping alleviate the strain on essential workers during a pandemic with an automated, contactless and secure Hotel Quarantine Check-out Assistant.

The Challenge

Providing service in a pandemic

In March of 2020 Australia went into a state of emergency, borders were closed and travellers had to stay in quarantine due to covid-19. With little time to prepare, the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions (DJPR) were in crisis mode, tasked with managing the hotel quarantine process for inbound arrivals.

Faced with thousands of returning travellers needing to check out of hotel quarantine, Stellar, the support service contact centre team for the DJPR, needed to automate the checkout process to alleviate workforce management strain and improve resource planning. VERSA was engaged for our expertise in conversational AI to find a way to provide contactless and automated service.

The Soultion

Contacless checkout via phone

To help guests check out in a contactless manner, VERSA developed a conversational AI bot that provided an automated, contactless and secure Hotel Quarantine Check-out.

The Bot sat in front of Stellar’s contact centre inbound line, allowing people in quarantine to manage their own checkout process, via a series of automated questions. The overall solution utilised Dialogflow for natural language processing during all of the bot specific interactions with the end-user. A machine learning database captured user requests and allowed for future training models based on the user behaviour to more predictively answer user’s questions. 

The Result

Automating a conversation

VERSA worked collaboratively with Stellar team in an agile, sprint-based approach to deliver an MVP experience ready for release to market. 

This resulted in 200 guests checking out via the automated phone-line daily and having a soultion that allowed DJPR to provide 24/7 support Contactless and automate the contact tracing process.