Case Studies/Domino's

Domino’s does more than pizza, they innovate. Domino’s Australia engaged VERSA to create Australia’s first transactional voice experience. Together we changed the world with pizza delivery.

Strategy & UX

Integrating with the app for simplicity and usage

Simplicity was key. Domino’s has 100’s of products available, and customers order differently every time.

We developed a conversational strategy around a “Quick Order” which is a feature customers were using via the app, customers could set an order they make regularly. This meant customers could instantly ask Alexa to “Ask Domino’s to order my favourite” and the pizza was on its way.

Technology & Development

Multilingual voice commerce and order tracking

Our design approach was lean, scalable and future-proofed. Building a transactional API on the newly released Amazon Alexa platform was a first in Australia. So our team got to develop a new product while we built.

Functionality like tracking an order, saving an order was built in phases once the proof of concept had been proved. We were also able to easily scale the skill for Alexa and Google, translating it for French, German and Dutch markets.

Research & Data

Optimising with customer data

Post-release, we did user research, analysing the customer experience. So we found key pain points during release. These included unmapped utterances where a customer wasn't understood, this is a common teething process in a multilingual VX.

Continuous improvement is essential to a successful product, it allows us to create an improved user experience after each insight we found.