Case Studies/Domino's

Domino’s does more than pizza, they innovate. Domino’s Australia engaged VERSA to create Australia’s first transactional voice experience. Together we changed the world with pizza delivery.

The Challenge

Integrating with the app for simplicity and usage

Domino's takes pride in being at the forefront of innovation, and using emerging technology to deliver an optimal customer experience. In 2018, Domino’s challenged VERSA to create an innovative, hands-free ordering system and Australia's first transactional voice experience.

Simplicity was key focus for the project. Domino’s has 100’s of products available, and customers ordered differently every time. We developed a conversational strategy around a “Quick Order”, a feature customers were using via the app, so customers could set an order they make regularly.

The Soultion

Multilingual voice commerce and order tracking

Our solution, built for smart speakers, allows Domino’s customers to place their favourite order using voice only, while receiving updates on their order tracking when requested.  

By having the "Quick-Setup", users could tell Alexa to "Ask Domino's to order my favourite". The customer's order is then automatically processed and sent to their nearest Domino's. To support this user flow, VERSA worked with a transactional API on the newly released Amazon Alexa platform - the first in Australia at the time. 

Through the process of continuous improvement, we refined the user experience and implemented additional functionalities, including tracking an order and saving an order. 

Research & Data

Optimising with customer data

By building the experience using this agile approach we were able to ensure that our design was lean, scalable and future proofed. 

The project lead to over 9,100 users in first 10 months with a 37% retention rate. Also the NLU model had a 91% accuracy rate for recognition. 

We were also able to easily scale the skill for Alexa and Google, and have it rolled out to international territories: France, Germany Netherlands.