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Flight Centre

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The travel retailer Flight Centre extends its digital offering to customers with the help of VERSA, bringing the brand promise of “Lowest Airfares Guaranteed” to life through a voice experience. Connecting Australian’s to Flight Centre agents across the country.

Discovery & Strategy

Customer-centric strategy

Customer centricity defined our approach. We need to give the user the right information at the right time. We sought to empower our users to discover their destinations and be surprised at the cost and convenience through Alexa.

We created a VUI (Voice User Interface) diagram, which maps out the conversation that users could have with our experience. Conversation points are defined from Flight Centres most searched travel queries. We also ran a series of role-playing workshops with our conversation strategists.

Design & Innovation

50,000+ ways to find a flight

The design of this experience searches countries, cities, regions, airlines, cabin classes and dates. We filter this data to communicate the best prices based on your verbal request.

To interact with the experience, users simply say “Alexa/Google launch Flight Centre,”. Or “Hey Google, ask Flight Centre for the cheapest flight to Asia” or “Hey Alexa, ask Flight Centre for a flight to Dublin from February 9th until the 22nd”. The user can use hundreds of other iterations of flight related questions. In fact, the experience covers at least 50,000 questions (and counting). No matter your question or how you ask it, you will always get Flight Centre’s cheapest offer.

Technology & Development

Platform-agnostic approach: Two platforms, one design

VERSA takes a platform-agnostic approach to any build we do. The Flight Centre experience was initially built for Amazon’s Alexa, but it was transferred to a Google Action to connect with a wider audience.

The beauty of building an experience within voice is freedom. Your brand can be across many platforms without major changes to design or functionality.