Case Studies/Frankston City Council

Frankston City Council

See it in action

Frankston City Council approached us with challenges with their brand awareness and reputation. VERSA created a digital marketing strategy to ignite local love and visitation to Frankston.


Creating community change

When you’re tired of hearing the same old perception, you have to change the story. We wanted to harness the positivity of the local community to change the meaning of the word Frankston. The community would form the heart of digital communications to dismantle outdated impressions, ignite local support and excite the interest of daytrippers.

We developed a content framework to guide the Frankston team to create content that drives impact. Awareness content would target the broadest possible audience and showcase Frankston through the people that love and live there. We would drown out negative media with good news stories from local people told through photography, videography and short stories.

We mapped content to stages of the customer journey to ensure visitors are served in the right way on the right channels. We explored channel opportunities and identified a campaign approach to leverage resources at the best possible times. Our team painted a vision for Visit Frankton’s digital marketing team and provided clear steps to achieve it.

Strategic Roadmap

Strategic planning through collaboration

We distilled our research and strategy into a roadmap and guide to help them do just that. To assist with the creation of content, we developed brand values, a mission statement and messaging hierarchy to land on a new voice and tone profile.

We collaborated closely with the Frankston team to map out a streamlined workflow and gave each team member a defined role to implement the strategy. We recommended platforms and technology that would help productivity and collaboration. We also explained how to measure the effectiveness of the campaign and included target KPIs. We reminded them that experimentation allows for continuous improvement and provided techniques to embed this in their workflows.


A vision for the future

The Frankston team came to VERSA for a top-level digital marketing vision and a plan that could be actioned internally. We collaborated with the team at every stage to ensure our recommendations were achievable.