Case Studies/Huggies

For years, Huggies has been providing families with baby products they trust, they began their digital transformation by exploring new channels and offering content. VERSA helps brands take the next step, creating a voice experience that helps children learn.

Conversational Design

Parent-friendly voice experience

Conversational design for children and their parents directed our approach to content and design. VERSA scripted the experience so it would speak to parents, but also engages children.

In collaboration with Kinderling, Australia’s leading child entertainment platform, VERSA created a series of games and learning modules. Each element supports discovery and uses the sounds and songs kids love.

Technology & Development

Using logic to provide content

The Huggies voice experience uses rich media content, supported by smart speakers with screens. VERSA designed the UI.

The experience uses logic to map appropriate or popular content to the child based on their age. If age hasn’t been provided AI creates a content map for a generic age, balancing engagement with development.

Data & Insights

Voice as an analytics channel

Through real-time data insights Huggies have access to the types of content kids love. We based our data on what is most popular, by playtime. Measuring engagement by session time.

This data forms a cornerstone of extending the experience across many platforms. This real-time data gives Huggies the ability to inform which content to choose for future digital or voice projects.

VERSA has tailored a really inventive voice-experience delivered through Alexa, The Huggies Skill enables parents to have engaging and meaningful moments with their children – and in a fun, interactive way.

Kate Burleigh, Country Manager, Alexa Skills