Hungry Jacks

Hungry Jacks

UX, Technology, Strategy

Frictionless search driven commerce, making Hungry Jack’s orderable directly from your Google Search. The burgers aren’t just better, they’re Search-Engine Optimized.

Using new features

We search for stores to find local deals. Based on this insight our user experience was informed by simplicity, we wanted to connect customers to their local Hungry Jack’s allowing them to make, pay and track an order completely via voice. 

To do this we utilised Google’s new Ordering API (FOPA) which is in Beta. When a customer searches for a nearby store they can order, process and pay using their Google Account and Gpay, never leaving the Google Search Window.

Food meets technology

In formatting Hungry Jack’s menu into the correct format for FOPA, we learnt many insights and efficacies in how to digitise products and make customisation seem simple via voice.

We empowered our client to find the best technology-stack, integrating FOPA with their pre-existing architecture. 

We worked closely with our Partners at Google to find several different Google Cloud Platform frameworks that were utilised including; Pub Sub, Storage and functions in order to create a sound architecture and complete the integration through an automated process that updates as menus are updated by the store.

The strategic vision

Strategy underpinned this project from discovery to delivery. 

Over 10% of the Australian population use Google Assistant weekly. Harnessing this insight has led to us to create a phased delivery of the FOPA integration into each store. 

This agile strategy is helping us deliver the project at key stores in major cities first, optimising the experience and rolling out the voice integration at new Hungry Jack’s locations into 2021.


  • 2019New feature released, FOPA helps you order from Google

  • 1 search To order your food, pay and track

  • 3 stores Integrated using FOPA, with more to be found on Google soon!