Case Studies/Lifeblood

Australian Red Cross’ Lifeblood provides Australians with blood, organ and tissue donations, and donors with a personalised information experience. VERSA helped Australian’s check eligibility to give blood with Google Assistant.

Strategy & Research

A new channel in Australian households

The lowest percentage of blood donors were within the age of 18 - 24, which is strange considering most of this age group when asked, indicated that they would donate. 

To target this demographic we investigated the use of Google’s emerging product offering in Australia, with voice and mobile assistants in the majority of Australian family households.

By focusing on Google Assistant as a new marketing channel, Lifeblood delivered content via voice, making it conversational and personalised to the user’s own medical history.

Technology & Development

Medical info and appointments via voice

As part of the medical information collection process, Australian Red Cross’ Lifeblood needed to ensure the experience was efficient and that security of data was the utmost priority. 

By utilising the GCP architecture and streamlining rich audio and visual content through the voice experience, VERSA was able to add emotion and interactivity to the eligibility quiz.

Design & UX

Designing for a diverse audience

Lifeblood on Google Assistant is an experience that’s designed with every Australian in mind. 

In helping Lifeblood have a better conversation with their customers we established a voice style guide which helped tailor and trim existing content to suit chat or voice interaction. 

The Lifeblood Voice Assistant can answer up to 200 FAQ’s about the complexities of blood donation, and the voice experience has been designed to answer a wide range of tricky questions whenever they arise within the eligibility quiz.